Next meeting of the core group for the Central Minnesota Community Immunization Campaign

March 31, 2013:

The core group of the Central Minnesota Community Immunization Campaign (CMCIC) will meet next on Wednesday, April 3, at the Bremer Room at the St Cloud Library at 12:00 Noon.  This room is able to acomodate more people.  We need to nail down details for the Spring Forum/Kickoff evening celebration probably for May 9, 2013 at the Atwood Center on SCSU campus.  We also may be able to give immunizations that night and get some more photos for more posters.  This would be an important show of support and buy in of our project partners in attendance.  We also need to finalize details of our Spring Immunization Night #1 in later May at a local high school.  Terry Ruane will develop a tentative project plan for the entire year – the equivalent of a business plan or care plan for the CMCIC project.  The list of project supporters continues to grow.  At last Wednesday’s core group meeting we had 3 new supporters from St Cloud State Health Services in attendance.  They were very helpful with suggestions and clinic manager Corie Beckermann will work on getting the Atwood ballroom for the May 9 Spring Forum/Kickoff Celebration event.  This may be at no rental charge.  We will need to cover the cost of the campus food service and bar service as well as parking ramp vouchers for attendees.  Atwood’s capacity is 800, but this should be plenty since we are likely to have 200-300 people. 

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