April 3, 2013, St Cloud Library, Community Immunization Campaign core group

The core group for the Central Minnesota Commuity Immunization Campaign met for the first time in the Bremer Room at the St. Cloud library to discuss the Campaign in general, but mostly to begin finalizing some details for the Campaign Kickoff Celebration/Spring Forum event to be held May 9, 2013 at the Atwood Ballroom at St. Cloud State University campus starting with the Forum presentation on Pertussis at 5:30 PM, followed aftr a break with the Campaign Kickoff celebration.  The Kickoff ceremony will feature a video that Pat Krueger will compose of about 8 minutes duration with some pertinent whooping cough messages mixed in with shots of some of our corroborating posters and comments of the core group with backgroud music.  We hope to have brief messages from the SCSU President if available and perhaps the mayor of St. Cloud.  We have yet to officially engage a pertussis expert speaker, but we will be asking local and state infectious disease experts to give the Forum presentation.  Our next core group meeting will be Wednesday, April 10, 12 Noon, at the Bremer Room at the St Cloud Library.  We will try to ramp up with more project partners and more Board member physicians attending as we get ready for the Campaign Kickoff May 9. 

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