April 4, 2013: Dr. Robert Jacobson, Mayo Clinic presents seminar on vaccine hesitancy and the C.A.S.E. method.

Dr. Robert Jacobson of Pediatrics at Mayo Clinic and a national authority on immunizations presented a 3-hour seminar at CentraCare Plaza to about 20 of us on overcoming vaccine hesitancy using the C.A.S.E. method.  We had ample discussion and questions regarding all aspects of immunization, but focused on hesitancy. Afterwards, I mentioned our Immunization Campaign and he graciously offered to be a resource to call for advice as we proceed.  Attending were several physicians and nurses including our own core group members Drs. Kim Tjaden, Marilyn Peitso, Jon Dennis, Pat Zook and Project Director Pat Hart, RN, CNP and SD 742 Nurse Bonnie Fitzharris. The CASE method seems like a useful tool to consider when discussing immunizations with parents and adult patients who have some concerns contributing to hesitancy. 

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