Update of the activities of the Community Immunization Campaign

April 12, 2013:

This week our core group (getting much larger) met at the Library on Wednesday, April 10 to finalize more details for the Campaign and the May 9th Kick-off celebration at SCSU.  We will not charge for the Kick-off event and will give parking vouchers.  We will not have a separate physician presentation, but will have a single presentation followed by our official kick-off of the Campaign.  We will have questions and answers by a panel of experts including Ms. Ehresmann and Dr Thomas Math, our local infectious disease expert.  We are planning to give T-dap immunizations that night for any attendees desiring one.  Pharmacist Alan Atchison and nurses will be available to give shots.  They can charge the cost to insurance on the spot and will notify primary physicians of the shots given.  We have changed the whole format of the meeting to be more open as a public community event where physicians, other health professionals and interested community members can mingle and share strategies to help us make our campaign to improve pertussis immunization rates successful.  At the event, we will ask audience members to sign up for volunteer work for the Campaign and for their participation in the Circle of Health council meetings. 

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