Second photo/video shooting held at Great River Regional Library

April 14, 2013:

Yesterday, Saturday, Kirk Lamb and several volunteers from the core group including Dr. Kim Tjaden, Pat Hart and Ann Romanowsky photographed and or videoed about 20 more subjects for our Community Immunization Campaign posters and Kick-off video.  Two young parents from our area told the story on video about their scary brush with whooping cough in their infant daughter last year.  We hope to include 2 or three similar stories in the Kick-off night video that we will highlight on that evening to announce the formal start of our one-year Campaign.  Kirk Lamb also acted as videographer.  We had several people stop by at the library lobby where we were taking photos to ask about the Immunization Campaign.  We gave out some of our new Fact Cards fresh off the press that show “Whooping cough (pertussis) facts” on one side, and “Who needs a whooping cough shot” on the other.  They are 4 x 6 inches and fold easily to fit a shirt or purse pocket.  We will be handing these out at each of our several public appearances throughout the one year of the Campaign.  We will begin distributing these to physicians and other providers this week.  Our thanks to Kirk Lamb again for his expert photographic work and artistic design of our campaign posters. 

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