Discussion opened with St Cloud Times. Two simulateous potential grantor presentations

April 22, 2013:

Today I discussed the Community Immunization Campaign with John Bodette, editor of the St Cloud Times.  Hopefully, we can work toward a good community story for them and some valuable public exposure for the Campaign.  I also had a great opportunity to present the Campaign plan to Steve Joul of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation and Betty Schnettler of the United Way.  I showed them some of the posters and information cards and images of the Campaign buttons currently in planning stage.  We discussed the great opportunity for inter-discipline community synergy and further mobilizing our abundance of local social capital.  Steve and Betty had several interesting suggestions to help us with the CIC and offered several important potential contacts for project support.  Also, today Kirk Lamb has completed the design for two campaign lapel buttons which we will hopefully have made by the May 2 meeting of our core group.  Betty and Steve offered that we might also consider making stickers with the same image as the buttons that would be nice to give to those receiving their shots during the Campaign.  Please see a separate posting of the button images.  Remember our next core group CIC meeting will be Thursday, May 2, 2013 at Noon at the St Cloud Library, Bremer Room.  Several have volunteered to be table facilitators at the Kick-off celebration.  We would like at least one facilitator at each table of 8 to keep the conversation going, make introductions and facilitate generation of questions for the expert panel after the main presentation by Kristin Ehresmann.  Also, please read Alan Atchison’s suggestions for a brief table-warming exercise to promote discussion, etc.  We should discuss this opportunity at the May 2 meeting (if it doesn’t snow again).  We have mailed out almost 200 invitations to our medical and non-medical community.  We will be doing followup calls the next two weeks. 

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