Another Pertussis Victim Testimonial Video

April 29,2013:

Great River Regional Library provided the background for another video shoot today.  The subject is a very well-known 85 year old man who told his story of how pertussis impacted his health over the past year.  Pat and David Krueger were videographers and Pat and I discussed details of the video we plan to show on the Community Immunization Campaign Kick-off night on May 9th at Atwood Ballroom at SCSU campus.  I toured the Ballroom today.  It is perfect for our presentation and celebration.  There is a smaller meeting room adjacent to the Ballroom that would make a great place to have a little privacy for giving immunizations that night.  Alan Atchison is still working on the details for all the State requirements for administering shots on campus.  If we cannot overcome the administrative tangles, we will ask the Health Service Staff if they could give any shots that night, except that they cannot submit insurance claims.  I spoke with a reporter from St Cloud Times about the Campaign and the Kick-off.  There may be some coverage in tomorrow’s paper.  I spoke with Cynthia Kenyon working with Kristen Ehresmann for her presentation on pertussis.  We discussed the “mixed” nature of our audience which will have some non-medical community members in attendance.  Our Q/A panel after Kristen’s presentation will consist of Kristen, Dr Thomas Math, Infectious Disease, CentraCare Health, Alan Atchison, Pharmacist, Jodi Lerass, RN, Stearns County Public Health, and Dr Jon Dennis, Pediatrics, CentraCare Health.  We have invited the people kind enough to share their pertussis stories in the video.  We should have 20-30 posters mounted for Kick-off as well as mounted images of the lapel button designs.  Kirk Lamb will attend Thursday’s (May2) meeting at the Library at Noon.  He will shoot some video of core group comments to add to the Kick-off night video. 

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