Community Immunization Campaign Kick-off this week, May 9th at SCSU, Atwood Ballroom, 5:00 PM

May 5, 2013:

At our last CIC meeting Thursday, May 2 at the St Cloud Library the members of the core group of Project Partners finalized details of the May 9th Kick-off Celebration.  Kirk Lamb was on hand to take additional video of our meeting and core group interactions.  We will be using some of this footage in the Campaign video at the Kick-off presentation.  We also presented Kirk’s lapel button designs that appear on both a female and male version of the “Got Mine” images used on the buttons.  We will have hundreds of both versions of the buttons available at the Kick-off.  Image Builders came through with the buttons in only 5 days.  We will have several table facilitators and volunteer ushers available for Thursday’s kick-off.  Pat Krueger is finalizing details for the video.  We looked at it today and it is very impressive.  We may have some or all of it posted here after May 9th.  Pat Hart has produced a printed program for Thursday’s Kickoff, and has been working on several details for the evening.  St Cloud State Student Health Services nurses will be on hand to give any T-dap shots that are requested. 

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