Thanks to many volunteers and Pat Hart and Corie Beckermann for a successful CIC kick-off

Saturday, May 11, 2013:

Thursday night’s Community Immunization Campaign kick-off success represents the official launching of our one-year campaign to eliminate whooping cough in our community.  We recognize and appreciate the efforts and talents of many core group members and project director Pat Hart for getting our Campaign off with such a great boost.  Corie Beckermann of the SCSU Student Health Services Clinic worked extra hours to organize and arrange for this public event.  Pat Hart had the ballroom, food and beverage service, tech support and speakers orchestrated into an interesting and impactful experience for our 100 or so attendees.  Stacy Ellens director of the Newman Center music staff played lovely piano as project partners, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, business persons, congressional candidates, and Stearns-Benton Medical Society leadership all bridged nicely while discussing whooping cough and best Campaign strategies for the coming year.

Kristen Ehresmann’s presentation was compelling and evoked several questions from the audience.  The expert panel handled the questions well, sparking much additional discussion.  But the Campaign video created by Pat Krueger was the highlight of the evening evoking both tears and laughter as the video brought home the reality that the whooping cough threat is real and present right now in our community.  My thanks to all who made our kick-off so successful.


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