Next meeting of the Community Immunization Campaign Core Group to be Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at the Array Room at the St Cloud Library at 11:30 AM.

May 14, 2013:

We will have the next meeting of the CIC core group at the St Cloud Library on Tuesday, May 21, at 11:30 AM in the Array Room.  We have only one hour as the Library is booked heavily that week.  We need to discuss a “shot night” before school lets out and pick our events to participate in for the year.  I have been contacted for a Whitney Center presentation in June, a community festival in June, and a state-wide public health professional meeting in September.  I believe that we need to get as many health provider clinics, hospitals, school nurses, health services, etc. together to serve as central resource repository for our activities.  We need to plan for the first Circle of Health meeting – where, when, how, etc. soon.  At the Kick-off we gave out almost all of our posters, info cards and many buttons.  We will print more.  Kris Ehresmann will allow us to use her pertussis slide show as the basis for our community pertussis presentations.  Our thanks to her and Cynthia Kenyon for a great presentation at the Kick-off night. 

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