Status of Community Immunization Campaign for end of May, 2013

May 26,2013:

We had a great meeting of the core Community Immunization Campaign on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at the St Cloud Library, Array Room.  We had 12 people attending including representatives from the VA Hospital, Health Partners, St Cloud Medical Group, Walgreens Pharmacies, School District 742, St Cloud Hospital, and St Cloud State Student Health Services.  Pat Hart, Pat Krueger and Ann Romanowsky were also present.  We will be focusing on coalescing additional core support from the medical community to broaden further our community engagement.  Each of us took several posters, info cards and lapel buttons to distribute to as many health and health-related centers as possible before our next meeting.  We have not settled on a next meeting date as yet, but will probably meet in the first week of June.  This past week I delivered posters, info cards and lapel buttons  to Toni Friese, event planner for Adult and Pediatric Urology in St Cloud.  They will be the first non-primary care specialty clinic to engage with the CIC campaign institution-wide for the prevention of whooping cough in our medical community.  I also delivered some posters to the Midtown Health Club where they have put one up in the nursery and another in a common area.  I spoke with Jeanette Stack of the St Cloud Surgical Center this week.  They regretted not being able to attend the Kick-off, but plan on participating full-swing next week when we can deliver materials there.  Our thanks to the doctors and staff of the St Cloud Surgical Center for their support of our campaign. 

I am still struggling with iCal and getting the CIC schedule of events imported into this blog.  Pat Krueger and I will be working on this this week. 

We discussed several event participation opportunities for CIC over the next few months and the beginnings of plans for the first plenary Circle of Health meeting.  For this meeting, we plan to ask core participants and project partners to describe the Immunization Campaign as they have waged it in their own institutions and what works best.  We will also recount our experiences so far and show the Campaign Video again.  We will also present additional pertussis information and data.  Craig DeZiel of Walgreens Pharmacies will work with Bonnie’s printing on development and production of a simpler, less expensive fact card to include with all their prescription bags.  We have had to do additional printing of the fact sheets and several posters as demand has been heavy for these.  My thanks for all the hard work of our project director, Pat Hart and project coordinators Pat Krueger and Ann Romanowsky.  I also appreciate the enthusiastic support and meeting attendance of all of our project partners in the core group.  The momentum builds.

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