Week of June 3, 2013, Community Immunization Campaign

June 3, 2013:

Since our Kick-off event May 9th, the Community Immunization Campaign has begun to work our way into the hearts and minds of our medical colleagues whom we hope will become the main influence on the people of our medical community toward maximum pertussis immunization rates.  St Cloud State has been working on a plan of implementation as has the St Cloud Veterans Hospital and St Cloud Hospital.  Today I dropped in to see Jeanette Stack, clinic manager of the St Cloud Surgical Center.  They will be displaying several posters and will give out info cards and wear some lapel buttons.  The pharmacists have printed 5,000 info cards (in simpler format) to give out with prescriptions.  Pat Krueger will be working on getting our Google Calendar of events ported over to the blog.  Today I spoke the Jodi Speicher who is organizing the 11th annual Whitney Senior Expo on Saturday, August 17 from 8:00 AM to Noon.  They expect 118 booths presenting to over 1200 seniors attending.  We were awarded a free 8×10 booth to display, discuss and network with seniors and other health agencies in our area.  I plan to attend, but am looking for lots of volunteers to staff our booth.  We might be able to give shots, but they cannot guarantee that we will have a privacy area.  I discussed with Jodi that seniors are a prime audience for us to improve on pertussis immunization rates.  Since there will be so many other booths covering senior issues including health, I expect that we might be able to recruit some more project partners for the CIC and the Circle of Health. 

We also need to agree on a date for our first Circle of Health meeting.  I would like feedback on proposing we hold it June 24 or June 25 in the evening.  Let me know by phone or e-mail your recommendations for scheduling this meeting.  I would like each of the core group to invite and bring along at least one new potential project partner to this meeting be they medical or non-medical.  I will work on our local Minnesota Medical Group Managers chapter to get representation from each clinic.  We could wait until after July 4th, but let me know your thoughts on this.  This week I plan to contact our local ER physicians and both radiology groups. 

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