June 26, 2013

Week of June 26, 2013:

The Community Immunization Campaign continues apace this summer with additional event presentations and the first official meeting of the Circle of Health community health council.  We are signed up for 3 evenings at the Summer by George festivals in St. Cloud on the shores of Lake George.  The dates are July 3, July 24, and August 14 and will run from 5:00 PM to 9:00PM.  We would like to give shots, free blood pressures and maybe Oxygen levels while displaying our posters, banners, T-shirts, buttons, info cards, and having lots of friendly discussion with the thousands of attendees for those nights.  We are also presenting at the August 17 Whitney Senior Expo with over 100 other vendors expected to draw over 1200 people between 8:00 AM and Noon that Saturday.  The Whitney event will have several of our medical colleagues also presenting at booths including several clinics, St Cloud and VAH Hospitals, and several others.  This should provide ample opportunity for networking to build up our cadre of Circle of Health supporters and participants.  We hope to have some T-shirts for booth presenters, several posters, buttons and info cards.  If you can volunteer for any hours of booth presence for any or all of these events, please call or e-mail Pat Zook, Pat Hart, or Stearns-Benton Medical Society Executive Director, Mandy Rubenstein (she’s back).  For the Summer by George events, we need to arrive at 4:00 PM to get set up by 5:00 PM.  We will need some BP cuffs for our booth in order to provide some service besides just passing out info as required by the Summer by George rules, so please discuss with one of us what equipment you might be able to bring for your session staffing the booth.  I know this is short notice, but we’ve been there before. 

For the Circle of Health community health council meeting, we will be meeting at the Mississippi  Room at the St Cloud Library at 6:00 PM, Monday, July 8.  Please bring a friend or two who would be interested and make for good project partners.  Please RSVP to Mandy Rubenstein at mrubenstein@mnmed.org or call one of us as above.  Agenda items for the Circle of Health meeting include:

Showing of the CIC Pertussis Campaign Video

Introductions all around

Reports of CIC progress from organizations taking up the campaign so far

Reports of our CIC events and activities completed and planned for this year

Financial report of campaign expenditures and grant status

Open discussion for guidance and suggestions from Circle of Health participants

Discussion of possible health issues for future community campaigns

We will serve soda, water and light snacks only, so you might want to have supper before heading over to the Library for this meeting that will probably last about 2 hours.  However, I don’t think they will make us leave for any impromptu discussions after the scheduled meeting.  I will add some links to the events and to the updated Sounds of Pertussis website later. 

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