Circle of Health – Meeting #1 Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th Weekend report:

The Community Immunization Campaign, represented by Pat Hart, Ann Romanowsky, Dick Hart and Pat Zook presented Campaign information and did free blood pressures at the July 3 Summer by George! Expo.  It was a beautiful evening and a great opportunity for us to network with several Rotary members who sponsor and put on the Summer by George! celebrations.  We also met the new St Cloud police chief, Blair Anderson and managed to get a “Got Mine!” picture of him and another officer.  Kirk Lamb took several pictures.  He designed our T-shirts and of course we got pictures of us in these.  Several Rotarians were kind enough to spend some time with us conversing about our Community Immunization Campaign project.

I did a short radio interview with KNSI’s Dan Ochsner at 5:30 allowing us some air time to discuss our Campaign and our goals.  Many people stopped by our booth to discuss pertussis immunization and related issues.  We hope that we will be geared up to actually give some T-dap shots by the time of our next Summer by George! event on July 24th.  We will also present at the August 14th Summer by George and there will be an art show that evening too.  Please call me or Pat Hart if you can volunteer for any hours from 5:00-9:00 PM on those evenings to staff our Campaign booth.  And don’t forget the Whitney Senior Expo, Saturday, August 17, 2013.  We will be presenting a booth there from 8:00 AM  to Noon along with over 100 other presenters.  We hope to be able to give some T-dap shots that day too.  I will post some event pictures soon as they come in.

Please plan to attend our first Circle of Health community health council meeting this Monday, July 8, 2013 at 6:00 PM in the Mississippi Room at the St Cloud Library.  We will have food and beverages.  Be sure to bring an interested community member to add to our group of project partners.  The agenda is:

1) Welcome and introductions

2) Show the Community Immunization Campaign pertussis video

3) Discussion: Circle of Health goals, rationale and principles

4) Report of events so far and those planned

5) Reports of project partners

6) Discussion: What seems to work for our Campaign and what doesn’t

7) Membership options, COH identity and community presence

8) Discussion: Possible future COH community health projects

9) Future Circle of Health meeting dates: Oct-Nov, 2013, Jan-Feb, 2014, April, 2014

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