Circle of Health Goals, Strategy and Guiding Principles, 2013

Community Immunization Campaign

Circle of Health


Immediate project goal:

The current CIC 2013 project goal is: significant reduction of the incidence and severity of whooping cough (pertussis) in our 3-county medical community

Goals of the Circle of Health:

Improve the health status and health care access for all members of our medical community

Reduce inequities in health care quality and access in our medical community

Engage support of and action by a broad representation of our medical and non-medical community participants in the annual project of the Circle of health

Heighten community awareness of medical issues and resources through the annual projects

Increase effective interconnectedness among our community medical resources

Synergize with the other community organizations with similar goals


Rationale and Strategy of the Circle of Health:

The Circle of Health will launch and sustain an annual community health project (one at a time) that interests and engages the broad spectrum of the medical community workers available in order to maintain a continuous, one-year, high visibility health project message throughout our 3-county area.  While members of the medical services community would be expected to provide scientific and medical resource information, engagement of other community members with complementary skills suited for effective community campaigns would be important for the success of this community effort.  Our rich local history of active, intelligent and well-connected community members stepping up on behalf of service organizations and foundations to ensure the success of their respective activities indicates that we should have a bumper crop of capable community members to power the Circle of Health if we construct and conduct it properly. 

Projects will make use of all forms of media and message delivery from information cards to posters, lapel buttons, health expo’s and other presentations, newspaper, radio and TV coverage, blogging, website coverage and others.  If we use all health care points of care and the providers staffing them in our community as a base for support, then we can reach out beyond this group by means of several individual efforts of project partners.  If you add all the employees of St Cloud Hospital and CentraCare, the VAH and all its satellites, all clinics medical, dental, counseling, therapists, student health services and their students from elementary to college and graduate schools, this makes up a substantial portion of our population and great opportunity to spread our project message.  If our projects offer some tangible action like giving shots to further engage project participants as well as our target community population, then we will be more effective in getting our project message to become part of our community’s culture and common practice. 

We will repeat our message in many places, by many different modes of communication, by many different people throughout a whole year to ensure success with each project. 

Circle of Health – Guiding principles:

Projects will address medical issues and be of interest to the community at large and also the medical services community across all specialties and medical services.

Projects will deal with serious current medical issues that lend themselves to feasibly effective campaigns by the Circle of Health

Projects will be for one year each with planning for the next project to overlap the last few months of the previous project.

Meetings will be quarterly to discuss campaign progress, reports on events, finances, future plans and encourage recruitment of additional project partners. 

Stearns-Benton Medical Society is willing to sponsor projects, offer guidance and leadership and some financial support, but funding from additional sources will be necessary

Project participants do not have to be medically trained to participate fully.  We anticipate that the complementary organizational and leadership skills of non-medical project participants will be necessary for the success of the Circle of Health.

An executive core group will need to meet more often than quarterly especially to address event preparations, media, supplies, etc.

As much as possible, metrics to measure success and community impact will be determined and kept up to date as each project is planned and followed closely throughout the project year.

We will seek cross-fertilization and synergy with other community organizations in order to avoid duplication of services and conflicts with event schedules, but mostly to achieve additional effectiveness for us and for them too. 

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