Community Immunization Campaign, July 14, 2013

Week of July 15, 2013:

Last Monday, July 8, 2013 we convened the first official meeting of the Circle of Health at the St Cloud Great River Regional Library at 6:00 PM.  We had about 16 project partners and participants present to work through our agenda.  We reviewed the Campaign video again and discussed modifications for showing it throughout the rest of the year.  Jodi Guertkin represented the CentraCare Health Foundation.  Her Foundation has provided the CIC with a sizeable grant toward the CIC expenses.  We reviewed all the activities that we have participated in so far and some that are planned.  We have not as yet set a firm date for a
Fall immunization night. 

Steve and Joan Vincent and Kirk and Dee Lamb were some other new faces present for this first Circle of Health meeting and each contributed input as we determine the characterization of the Circle of health and plan for the CIC as well as the future.  Coborn’s Pharmacists Jeff White and Teri Olson and Walgreens pharmacist Alan Atchison also attended as did Craig Deziel of Walgreens management.  Several other core group members were also present and helped us review our activities so far.  Chris Nelson of CentraCare Health Systems Communication Department reviewed the CentraCare pertussis campaign activities.  I will attempt to import a list of our CIC activities to this blog soon. 

We have several volunteers for the July 24th Summer by George! event, but the more the merrier.  Please call Pat Hart or me to sign up so we can be ready.  We still are working on a way to give T-dap shots in this outdoor environment.  Please consider signing up for the August 14 Summer by George! and the Saturday AM, August 17 Whitney Senior Health Expo. 

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