Week of July 22, 2013

July 25, 2013:

Last night we had a great turnout of Community Immunization Campaign volunteers at our second appearance and CIC booth presentation at the St Cloud Rotary sponsored SummerbyGeorge! celebration on the shores of Lake George in St. Cloud.  Pam LeMaster, Jenny Brenny, Pat Hart, Dick Hart, Craig Deziel and Walgreen pharmacy staff, Kim Tjaden, Lisa Guetzko, Dee and Kirk Lamb, Pat Zook, Pat and David Krueger, a medical student and several children and grandchildren staffed our booth.  We gave 10-12 T-dap shots thanks to Larry and Jan Keenan of Keenan Architecture for the use of their building.  People were so pleasantly surprised that they could actually get their shots on-site with us and appreciated the convenience.  I expect that we will be able to provide even more shots on our last SummerbyGeorge! presentation on August 14 – assuming that we don’t have any more regulatory hurdles to face.  I will post some pictures taken by Kirk Lamb and Pat Krueger as they come in.  St. Cloud Mayor, Dave Kleis stopped by to chat about the Community Immunization Campaign and stated that he fully supports our efforts.  We talked with dozens of people at our booth about whooping cough and the shots to prevent it.  There is still a large information gap out there about the need for this shot among our citizens.  We discussed the shot and it’s indications with many otherwise well-informed folks who just didn’t know about it. 

Please plan to help at our last Summerby George! event on August 14.  We set up from 3:30 PM until start time of 5:00 PM and stay open until closing at 9:00 PM any or all of these hours that you could volunteer would be great.  It was obvious last evening that the more people we had in the booth, the more people would stop and talk with us. 

Also, we need volunteers for the Whitney Senior Center Health Expo on Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 8:00 AM to Noon.  We expect to give dozens of shots that morning as seniors represent the most under-immunized segments of our community.  Please call Pat Zook 302-492-8207 or Pat Hart to volunteer.  We will give away small granola bar snacks and bottled water at this event, so we will have new logistic issues to master. 

Our presence at events like these reinforces our message in the community.  Each time we have great opportunity to network with other professionals involved in similar activities and services.  This will allow us to find additional talented candidates to build the Circle of Health community health council with increasing momentum throughout the campaign year.  I will post more photos soon.



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