September, 2013 – 4th Month of the Community Immunization Campaign

Week of September 2, 2913:

The Community Immunization Campaign finished August with a the very busy week of 8/12-8/17.  On Wednesday, the 14th we presented our final SummerbyGeorge! immunization campaign booth and gave out almost another dozen shots thanks to Larry Keenan of Keenan Architecture who allowed us to use their office building again.  Several core group regulars and the Walgreens pharmacists made this a successful night of information sharing and fun and several more folks have now had their T-dap shots.  On Saturday, August 17, Pat Hart, Ann Romanowsky, Pat Krueger and Pat Zook staffed a very busy booth at the Whitney Senior Expo.  The many visitors we talked with were very interested in our Campaign message of the importance of pertussis prevention in our community.  We gave out 63 T-dap shots in the Walgreens pharmacy booth adjacent to ours and passed out many pertussis fact sheets.  We managed to network with some of the many vendors present who provide valuable services for seniors’ life/health issues.  I will post some photos as they come in later. 

We need to start planning for our Fall Immunization Night in October and our next Circle of Health meeting also in October.  We will be adding to our core of medical and paramedical professionals involved with the CIC over the next few months, while beginning to reach out into and among the non-medical community to widen the Circle even further.  Pam LeMaster, Renee Frauenduenst and I will be presenting at the annual Minnesota Public Health meeting in Brainerd on 9/26/2013 to talk about community engagement and the Circle of Health at this State-wide conference that has the theme of, “Reducing Health Care Disparities in Minnesota”. 

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