October, 2013

Week of October 21, 2013:

The Central Minnesota Community Immunization Campaign is now in its 5th month and appears to have had some impact in our health community.  As of this week, there now appears to be a T-dap vaccine shortage.  This may be good from the standpoint that we may have influenced a much higher immunization rate than suppliers and providers expected.  Or, it may be that there is just a shortage of T-dap.  Members of the Circle of Health have been working to see if more vaccine can be found for our Veterans at the St Cloud VA Hospital where providers have had to put their T-dap immunization campaign on hold due to the shortage.  We have been in touch with the T-dap manufacturer to see if there is a possible solution before we have to give up any of the ground we have gained on pertussis so far. 

On 9/20/2013 at the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Medical Association, Pat Zook was presented with a community service award for his work on the Community Immuniztion Campaign.  He accepted the award on behalf of Pat Hart, Pat Krueger, Ann Romanowsky and all the members of the core group of the Circle of Health. 

On 9/26/2013, Pat Zook, Pam LeMaster and Renee Frauendienst presented the basics of our Community Immunization Campaign and the Circle of Health as an example of community engagement for public health to a filled room at Craguns’ Conference Center near Brainerd.  This meeting is held annually each summer to discuss public health issues among all levels of public health workers from all over Minnesota.  We had lively discussion and several interesting questions after our presentation.

On Friday, 10/25/2013 Ann Romanowsky and Pat Hart will attend the Stand Down expo at the St Cloud Armory.  We hope to be able to provide some T-dap shots with the Walgreens pharmacists to Vets attending that day. 

Tomorrow, 10/22/2013 Pat Hart and Pat Zook will give presentation of the progress of our campaign to a meeting of area school nurses.  We are still hopeful about setting up an immunization night at one of our local schools this year. 


1 thought on “October, 2013

  1. Jean Donnay

    Dr. Zook,
    Could you please add my e-mail address to meeting announcements as I would like to attend meetings, when my clinic schedule allows? Thank you
    Jeani Donnay, NP
    CSB Health Services


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