Central Minnesota Circle of Health announces the 2014 campaign

Central Minnesota Medication Safety Campaign ramp-up begins March 13, 2014:

Stearns Benton Medical Society and the Central Minnesota Circle of Health will hold an organizational and brainstorming meeting on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the St Cloud Library, Bremer Room at 11:45 AM.  We will discuss some wrap-up of the Immunization Campaign of this past year, but will mostly discuss how best to conduct our 2014 campaign featuring Medication Safety.  We extend an open invitation to anyone reading this, but please call Mandy at 320-252-8550 to let her know who and how many will be attending.  Also, please leave open the date of our Spring Forum and new campaign kick-off- April 22, 2014 which will be at SCSU starting at 5:30 PM. 

For the March 13 meeting at the library we hope you can bring ideas and methods suggestions for how to best get out the message of medication safety in our medical community. I have compiled a list of 13 sub-issues, but I hope to add several more that you might contribute.  Sub-issues include narcotic/opioid abuse and overuse, keeping children out of medication bottles, old drug drop-off events, carrying “my meds” cards to know your drugs, the high cost of medication, drug-drug and food-drug interactions causing more admissions and ER visits, insurance formulary exclusion practices compromising care, etc.

I hope that we can evolve to the point where each Collaborative Site (St Cloud Hospital, each University campus, each clinic, etc.) can effectively run their own campaign within the community’s Medication Safety campaign.  Also, as I have discussed with some faculty already, we hope that participation by students and faculty will offer valuable educational experience while improving the quality of life and health of our medical community. 

While we are all working and collaborating on our new project of medication safety, we will be strengthening and building the Circle of Health as a strong and lasting community health resource that might also provide ad hoc service if need should arise for prompt community response to immediate health issues (like the H1N1 influenza scare a few years ago). 

We physicians of the Stearns Benton Medical Society believe that the time has come for building broad community engagement in a stronger partnership between public health efforts/resources and the available medical services community and its providers.  But we need lots of help from community members especially those gifted with skills that physicians and other providers may not have, but skills that are necessary to effectively run a campaign like we propose here. 

Please read back into this blog to get a flavor of what we have been up to.  We have gained a lot of experience with our Pertussis Campaign last year.  We certainly have learned plenty about what works and what doesn’t work, but we need to enlist more participants, so please plan to attend the meetings listed here, but be sure to RSVP to Mandy at 320-252-8550. 

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