Circle of Health gives 16 T-dap shots at Project Homeless Connect in St. Cloud

Thursday, March 6, 2014:

Several Circle of health core group members participated in this annual event put on by our Local Tri-Cap office to display and offer over 40 different services provided by the show’s vendors for homeless people in our health community.  Pat Krueger, Paul Shoenberg, Pat Zook and Craig DeZiel with pharmacists Andrew and Mike from Walgreens talked up the importance of pertussis immunization, provided written information and gave out 16 free T-dap shots to attendees from 10 AM to 3 PM at the St Cloud Convention Center. 

Attendees were interested in this health information and seemed well aware of the risks of whooping cough.  We enjoyed good networking time with colleagues from several fields offering services for homeless Minnesotans.  Several people signed up for MNSure during the expo.  We were all impressed by the dedication and commitment of all of the various professionals doing this work every day.  The Circle of Health will make it a priority to keep track of these community health support resources and work collaboratively with them at any opportunity that presents. 

Please plan to attend the March 13, 2014 meeting of the Circle of Health to discuss early planning for our next campaign – Medication Safety.  We will be strategizing for this 2014 campaign and planning our April 22 kick-off event at SCSU.  Please bring a friend and RSVP to Mandy Rubenstein at 320-252-8550.

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