A call for a Central Minnesota medical community response to the opioid prescribing crisis.

After hearing Dr. Chris Johnson speak April 22, 2014 at St. Cloud State for the Stearns Benton Medical Society Spring Forum, several physicians and other medical professionals commented that we should keep this sense of medical community purpose going in order for us to more effectively address the growing opioid prescribing crisis that we all face daily in our practices.  The Central Minnesota Circle of Health is the community health council that we have launched over the past year to garner broad community support for an annual public health campaign issue.  This year, as we heard at this meeting the campaign will focus on medication safety.  For practicing physicians and their treatment team members the opioid prescribing crisis as described by Dr. Johnson is of great daily concern. 

Dr. Johnson has agreed to come back to St. Cloud for several training sessions to guide us perhaps over 4-5 2-hour sessions as we begin to formulate a uniform and solid medical community policy on opioid and controlled substance prescribing practice in our area.  I will be calling representatives of each medical group and specialty to enlist your support and invite your participation in this effort to formulate such a policy that we can use to guide us through the myriad problems we face in this area. The Medical Society and the Circle of Health hope to facilitate this as soon as possible.  Please call me, Pat Zook to discuss further any questions or suggestions you might have, or just leave a comment to this blog. 

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