Posters files now available at Fedex/kinko’s in St Cloud for Medication Safety

You can all St. Cloud FedEx/Kinko’s to have them print copies in any size you want including small cards, posters and banners for any of our Medication Safety Campaign posters.  They will expect you to pay for them when you pick them up.  The store is on the Northeast corner of Division and 25th Ave, across from Walgreen’s at 25th.  It is right next to Caribou.  Call them at 320-203-1013 and ask for printing from Pat Zook’s file.  They will answer as FedEx, but they really do both FedEx and Kinko’s. Clicking on any of these links below should take you to a master Adobe file for each.  If you can print them yourself, please do, and post them wherever you can for patients to see.

stow meds poster card

dont do poster card

dump meds poster card

know meds poster card_edited-1

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