35 Professionals and Community Activists Attend 3rd Meeting of The CM Prescribing Coalition

Stearns Benton Medical Society and the CM Circle of Health Host St Cloud Public Library Meeting, August 18, 2014


35 concerned doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, teachers, counselors, administrators, public health workers and other concerned citizens engaged in lively conversation regarding our effort to improve the state of controlled substance prescribing in our medical community.  A rough first draft of a community-wide controlled substance prescribing Policy was presented for consideration as a starting point (see previous posting below).  We discussed several concerns with the current state of affairs especially for opioid prescribing, but we will try to come up with a community prescribing Policy that will cover prescriptions for any controlled substance.  We discussed medication treatment agreements, patient prescription risk assessment, use of opioids for chronic pain, alternative modalities to treat pain and the availability of ancillary services and their insurance coverage among other issues.

Kim Tjaden agreed to begin researching to produce a complete listing of all alternative pain treatment modalities, their providers and contact info.  John Sebas  will research the ICSI policies on treatment of acute and chronic pain developed by their task forces in the past few years.  He will also research the 60-page Minnesota Substance Abuse Strategy. Abby Frericks and Matt Peckskamp will do some data research at the hospital and through County and State resources to get a handle on what measurable data there is to determine whether our campaign and Prescribing Coalition efforts are effective over the next 2 years.  This week I spoke with Dr Howard Epstein of ICSI who chaired their task force for the ICSI Acute Pain Treatment Protocol.  He is interested in what we are doing and is willing to advise us as we proceed.  He said that we can produce their protocols or guidelines in any of our posts or documents as long as we properly reference them as the source.

We will need volunteers to develop a 2 and 4-hour CME course for teaching proper controlled substance best practices.  Please call Pat Zook (320-492-8207) to volunteer.  We hope our experts in addiction medicine, pain management and ER work can help out with this.  We hope to offer this course as a recurrent certification training and update opportunity like taking the CPR and ACLS courses that we do now.  We will see if MMIC would be interested in offering malpractice premium discounts to individuals or clinics that achieve continuous or high-percentage levels of certification. Many other states have made mandatory CME in controlled substance prescribing a requirement for licensure and renewal.  We hope it doesn’t come to this in Minnesota.

We will have our next meeting within the next month.  Please watch for e-mail and blog notices for this and see if you can bring another colleague or two along.  Please RSVP to Mandy for all meetings at 320-252-8550.

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