Prescribing Coalition Event Tuesday, November 18, SCSU Atwood Center

Fall Meeting of Stearns Benton Medical Society to Offer Hands-On, Direct Opioid/Controlled Substance Prescribing Training. MMA President and President-Elect Also Presenting.

Stearns Benton Medical Society invites members, medical professionals, Prescribing Coalition participants and interested community members to attend our Fall Meeting on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 5:30 PM in the Voyageur’s Room of the Atwood Center on the campus of St Cloud State University.  We thank our St. Cloud State Health Services Coalition partners for hosting this event.  We are combining the Medical Society’s annual meeting with a detailed presentation by internist and addiction expert, Dr. Charles Reznikoff of Hennepin County Medical Center.  His presentation will lead us with a detailed course on best practice opioid and controlled substance prescribing.  We would like this course to be the framework for a packaged voluntary certification/renewal course that would be offered regularly in our area and maybe throughout Minnesota for medical professionals involved in the prescribing process for opioids and controlled substances.  This would be similar to CPR or ACLS certifications and re-certifications, but voluntary.  It would change as needed similar to the other certification courses.  It would be for CME credit certified by the MMA.  Our community’s existing prescribing professionals would find this training helpful and supportive toward improving the quality and experience of this increasingly difficult part of medical practice.  Pharmacists and their colleagues would likely see benefits in standardizing our community’s prescribing process.  Medical groups and clinics might want to offer incentives for their prescribing medical professionals to maintain their controlled substance prescribing skills with this course and would likely see the benefit of having all their newly hired medical professionals taking the course initially and periodically after signing on to work there.  Dr Reznikoff’s presentation will serve as a foundation for us to build on for the full-length course that we will eventually develop.

We will also ask MMA President-Elect and family physician, Dr. Dave Thorson to present briefly on the role of primary care in controlled substance prescribing.  Dr. Thorson chaired the ICSI task force on Opioid prescribing that developed the guidelines referenced earlier in this blog.

We are also honored to have the current MMA President, Dr. Don Jacobs attending our meeting and hope that he can share in the conversation and offer some Minnesota Medical Association and state-wide perspective comments.

We want this event to be fun as well as informative. We have invited several other medical professionals and interested community members to attend to broaden the scope of our community health initiative for this year on Medication Safety.  Several have already contributed their participation to our unused medication drop-off events and Prescribing Coalition meeting conversations.  Please RSVP to Mandy at 320-252-8550. Call Pat Zook at 320-492-8207 for questions or comments.

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