Agenda for Central Minnnesota Prescribing Coalition, Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Proposed agenda for Tuesday’s meeting at the Glacier Room, Atwood Center, SCSU at 6:00 PM


Central Minnesota Prescribing Coalition

Atwood Glacier South, SCSU, February 24, 2015

1) Welcome and introduce new participants, experts

2) Our vision of the ideal, effective community Controlled Substance Prescribing Policy

3) Discuss global issues of a medical community Controlled Substance Prescribing Policy

  • a) Where does it reside? How will we as a medical community use this?
  • b) How to make revisions and update as need arises?
  • c) A model for each clinical entity (group) to make their own policy?
  • d) How detailed and directive should it be?
  • e) How to reach all clinicians? How to reach the public with instructional message?
  • f) How does the Policy relate to our controlled substance prescribing course?
  • g) Legal issues

4) Discussion of the preliminary draft documents we have online and hard copy for review

5) Work on/discuss each section of the elements of an ideal policy. More sections likely will be needed and several may be combined. Each section needs input.

6) Assign each of the full section development work to volunteers

7) Plan next meeting in one month to discuss weighting, order and combining or splitting sections into a first draft

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