March 22, 2018 Dementia Summit

Save the Date!

Stearns Benton Medical Society, with support from the Central MN Council on Aging and from CentraCare Health is planning for a another, bigger, day-long Central Minnesota Dementia Summit, 2018 conference in St. Cloud, MN on March 22, 2018.  A planning committee will be working on details of presentation content, but expect top notch presentations for both medical providers (especially primary care) doing dementia care and for the many dementia services providers and organizations doing this work in our Central Minnesota medical community.  Dr. Terry Barclay will be presenting medical physician/provider up to date recommendations for evaluation and management and Michele Barclay will be presenting informational and management updates for the many dementia services providers and organizational leaders we have in our area.

We plan to again offer several dementia-related services information booths staffed by dementia professionals similar to last Spring’s Dementia Summit, 2017.  Although the conference will be geared toward dementia providers and professionals, all interested members of the community will be welcome to attend.

We are much further along in our planning, vision and mission for development of a Central MN Dementia Resource Center.  Please see future blog entries for the latest documents and committee reports.

Please be sure to save the date, March 22, 2018!

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