March 17, 2015

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February, 2014:

This blog will be the vehicle for displaying the actions, plans, schedule and documents of the Central Minnesota Circle of Health and its annual community health campaigns.  Each campaign will be directed by the Stearns-Benton County Medical Society, its Board and President, and several very capable and talented volunteer coordinators.  Our goal is to improve the health of our medical community which includes Stearns, Benton and proximal Sherburne Counties by promoting annual campaigns addressing particular health issues.  We will create and help maintain a community health council that we call the Central Minnesota Circle of Health to oversee and help direct each campaign.  The Circle of Health will convene at least quarterly and will seek to engage representatives from many professions and community volunteers having a stake in community health issues.  The meetings will be open to the public.  We hope to continue the Circle of Health with one-year campaigns using the community synergy we generate for many years to come. One of our main goals is to enhance partnership between public health resources/issues and existing community health providers and their organizations, while engaging as many non-medical citizens as possible. Read back into early 2013 in this blog to get a sense of how our first campaign promoting whooping cough immunization developed and grew to involve many people. This year’s campaign will be called the Central Minnesota Medication Safety Campaign. We welcome your participation and comments.

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